BIDO - Batwa Indigenous Development Organisation
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BIDO and how it started

Bido was started on Feburary 16 in 2015. The educated batwa indigenous scholars organized themselves and formed their own organization, the Batwa indigenous development org BIDO started with its aim of supporting the BATWA in the world to realize their challenges and address them through implementation of projects like the education of indigenous identity, educating batwa children live and vocational skills, implementation of agricultural projects among the batwa communities, among others.

Our vision

To build the capacity of vulnerable batwa people through implementation of sustainable development projects which includes cultural center for batwa cultural revival, farming, education, health and securing the batwa human rights.

Our mission

To promote batwa development in integration of social, economic political and cultural strengthening.

Our objectives

We promote social, civil and economic objectives.


Before 1991

Independant life in the forests of great Virunga and Bwindi.


Eviction of Batwa by Ugandian government for tourism and conversation.

After 1991

Currently Batwa live a marginalized and discriminated life.

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Food Security

Why are the Batwa experiencing extreme hunger?

Development Center

Offering a better life to the Batwa youth.

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We are a big community of people working towards a better future for the Batwa people. Meet our team and all the people who are supporting us.

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We support vulnerable Batwa People.