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Would you like to support us? Through your donation you support Batwa people and give them the chance for a self-determined life.

Please transfer your donation to the following account.
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BIDO – Batwa Indigenous Development Organisation

Bank account: Batwa Indigenous Development Organisation
Account number: 01631119525380
IBAN: GB59CITI18500811117874
Swift code: DFCUUGKA

Because of the Covid- 19 pandemic the situation of the in Uganda living Batwa deteriorated dramatically. Now they are denied all access to the forest and are fully dependent on begging. The money is not enough to cover basic food supplies and certainly not enough to pay for necessary medical goods.

This is why we ask for your financial support. Since 2020 S.A.C.S. (Structural Analysis of Cultural Systems) has been working together with the Ugandan Batwa organisation BIDO on a project that wants to promote the right of Batwa have for co-decision in the Ugandan government and the Ugandan Wildlife Authority, the agency that is managing the natural reserves in Uganda.

But before we can dedicate ourselves to this common project, the Batwa have to be provided with enough food supplies.

All donations will go directly and completely to the bank account of BIDO, the Batwa Indigenous Development Organisation, an organisation by Batwa people that  directly and locally stands up for the cause of in Uganda living Batwa. The money will be used to supply Batwa villages with enough food.

We thank you for every donation.