Get to know us

BIDO and how it started

BIDO was started january 16th 2019 and was registered initiallyas a community based organisation(CBO) With Kisoro local government BIDO gained a Non governmental status registration on 29th/April/2022 with the Uganda registrar service bureau(URSB) with registration number 80020003611130. At that time, a large number of Batwa students dropped out of post-secondary school due to lack of appropriate school support from the government and from organizations run by non-Batwa that were claiming to help them, but failed to raise or provide them with the means to sustain themselves and remain in school. One of these students is Alex AHIMBISIBWE. He is also one of the founders of BIDO. He looked into the issues and started seeing better the practical situation of the Batwa, including in relation to the situation of Ugandans and that of other indigenous people in the world. In comparison to other groups in Uganda and elsewhere, he realized that the indigenous Batwa lived especially difficult lives and that they needed to stand by themselves and work for themselves. He initiated a call to the rest of the Batwa
scholars and brought them together with Batwa elders for a meeting which took place in the Town Council main hall in Kisoro where they formed by themselves a community based organization which they named the Batwa Indigenous Development Organization or BIDO.

Our History

The batwa indigenous  are the  people who are believed to be the  original people of Africa and more particularly the first tribe that lived in the great mountains and forests of great virunga and bwindi impenetrable forest during the period before 1991.the batwa lived an independent, contented  life in the forests.

Our Values

In addition to our objectives, we identified six key areas to address while addressing the rest off the batwa challenges. They included the following:

  1. Securing land and proper housing among the batwa communities.
  2. Implementing the education project to both young and batwa youth.

Our Team

We are a big community of people working towards a better future for the Batwa people. Meet our team and all the people who are supporting us.