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Values which make us who we are

Our vision

To build the capacity of vulnerable batwa people through implementation of sustainable development projects which includes cultural center for batwa cultural revival, farming, education, health and securing the batwa human rights.

Our mission

To promote batwa development in integration of social, economic, political and cultural strengthening.

Our objectives

We promote social, civil and economic objectives.

We support vulnerable batwa people.

Social Objectives

  1. To promote the capacity of the batwa indigenous ethnic minorities to overcome marginalization through integral development and cultural revival.
  2. To promote and support the batwa emancipation in public of uganda as free citizens
  3. To promote and propagate batwa people to abstain drugs and illegal activities.

Civil Objectives

  1. To promote free social and civil rights for the batwa in their participation in economic political and cultural matters.
  2. To promote political emancipation and representation for batwa people in the republic of uganda
  3. To promote and support forensic documentation in matters related to civil and social crimes omitted in and against the batwa in the republic of uganda
  4. To promote the education of the batwa indigenous ethnic minorities in the republic of uganda.

Economic Objectives

  1. To Promote of modern farming within the batwa communities designing batwa agricultural demonstration farms.
  2. Rearing improved qualities of domestic animals and ensuring batter animal feeding.
  3. Marketing and selling of batwa handmade crafts.

Batwa Indigenous Development Organisation


In the meeting they identified six key areas to address while addressing the rest off the batwa challenges. They included the following.

  1. Securing land and proper housing among the batwa communities.
  2. Implementing the education project to both young and batwa youth
  3. Implementation of income generating activities like crafts making.
  4. Preserving and conserving the batwa culture by establishing the batwa cultural center.
  5. Securing the batwa human rights. Locally, nationally and internationally.
  6. Preparing and supporting batwa to participate in leadership and politic through advocacy.